Female coconut scale, Aspidiotus destructor.

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Diagram. Coconut fron showing damage due to coconut scale, Aspidiotus destructor. Insect pest outbreaks are characterized by an explosive increase in an insect population occurring over a relatively short period [].

These coconut palm tree insects can also spread to nearby fruit trees and cause significant damage.

Despite the fact that massive outbreaks of the coconut scale insect pest, Aspidiotus rigidus Reyne (Hemiptera: Diaspididae) are inflicting significant economic losses to the Philippines’ coconut industry, little is known about the population and dispersal history of this invasive pest in the country. 6. edu/creatures/FRUIT/TROPICAL/coconut_scale.

4. Female coconut scale,.


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. The biological control of this pest using predatory insects and parasitoids were also discussed.

rigidus was. Microscopic coconut mites will cause nuts to have a rough.

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These scale insects feed on the sap of the tree and can cause yellowing of the leaves and defoliation.

The coconut vodka, popularly known as 'lambanog' and primarily produce in Quezon Province, the lambanog capital of the Philippines, is on the threshold as a dollar-earning industry. . Coconut fron showing damage due to coconut scale, Aspidiotus destructor.

. Leaves eventually turn yellow and die. Coconut scale (104) Photo 1. Jun 12, 2019 · that A. B. Coconut scale is known to be dispersed by birds, bats and insects as well as wind (Taylor 1935).


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A new species of scale insect from coconut trees in Trinidad is described and named Parlagena bennetti.